Founded by Grace Fuller Marroquin in 2019 Grace Fuller Design is a New York-based landscape design firm rooted in the belief that nature is the greatest teacher. Through whimsical, romantic design, we seek to unite the domestic world with the wild. We create meaningful outdoor spaces that capture the movement and textures found in nature and serve as extensions of the home. In all our projects, we bring a spirit of creativity, artistry, and collaboration. Sustainability is also a pillar of our practice: A deep love of and respect for the earth guides everything we do. 



Our work can be found in private homes, commercial developments, and public spaces in places ranging from New York City and Connecticut, USA to Mumbai, India and Saltillo, Mexico. From intimate terraces to grand, sweeping gardens, our designs bring an immersive, joyous harmony to any exterior space.

Grace Fuller

Founder and Creative Director

Grace Fuller Marroquin’s love for horticulture and garden design started as a child growing up in Philadelphia and Rome. From a young age she was inspired by her mother, an artist and active gardener who incorporated nature into her photography. In 2006, during a high school apprenticeship at the University of Hawaii’s Botanical Garden in Manoa Valley, Fuller Marroquin deepened her attachment to the natural world around her. 

After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in sociology and photojournalism, Fuller Marroquin began her career in the fashion industry—first as a fashion editor at Vogue and later as the jewelry editor at W magazine. While at W, she launched CINQUE, a limited-run fashion line of highly crafted robe coats. Leveraging her experience in the creative and visual fields, in 2018 Fuller Marroquin decided to exit the fashion space to pursue a long-held interest in landscapes and gardening.



She studied at the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Horticulture, where she completed her Landscape Design Certification. 

Since launching Grace Fuller Design, Fuller Marroquin has taken on various commercial and private projects around the world, collaborating with artisans, architects, and other designers to bring her creative visions to life. Her romantic and wild approach to landscape design is driven by a responsible stewardship for her client’s land. She serves on the board of the Perfect Earth Project, founded by Edwina von Gal.

Lauren Salas Schumann

Senior Landscape Designer

Lauren Salas Schumann is a senior designer at Grace Fuller Design. She was raised near Paris before moving to New York City. Growing up, Lauren spent time in her grandmothers’ gardens near Brittany and in the French Riviera. France’s diverse climates allowed her to see beauty in many shapes and seasons and develop a deep connection to the land. When she started traveling, she felt a need to connect to the land’s past and its flora and fauna, and she later developed an interest in landscape design and agroecology.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, where she studied ecology and the arts. Prior to joining Grace Fuller Design, she worked with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners. She has worked on a range of projects including parks, multi-family housing, waterfronts, brownfield redevelopments, ecological restoration designs, and private residential gardens, rooftops, and estates.